Invitation limited to 10 at a time?


I’m trying to invite 18 people to a topic I started, but the site gives me an error mesage (rateLimiter LimitExceeded) and doesn’t let me invite any more than 10. After 24 hours I was able to send one more but then the same error message appears.

Also, the people I invited also wanted to invite more people to join, but “invite” button doesnt appear for them.

Is it possible to relax this limit to 20 for me? Or allow basic users to invite more people?


Hi Nobuko,

We’ve now relaxed the invitation limit to 25. Invited users will also be level 2 – they should be able to post normally and invite as well (will test this momentarily).

We’re also going to look into making you a moderator. At present, I’ve set you to the highest trust level, which should allow you fewer limitations…



@alainna Many thanks! That’ll make our new category easy to get going!