Is there a calendar option?

Would be good to be able to share information about events etc via a calendar - I couldn’t see one but may be looking through it!

There are a couple of posts that refer to calendars in the Discourse Meta group. These mainly focused on the auto-close settings that allow topics to close at a certain time (like when the event is over.)

But I didn’t really see what you are likely referring to…

I was wondering if one could do something like embed a google calendar. I’ve tried to embed this US holiday’s calendar, but it doesn’t seem to work as expected…

But I’m wondering if other types of calendars can just be embedded. Discourse usually does a pretty nice job at interpreting what they should display based on a URL that is included, using their Onebox library:

well, I take back the calendar comment - that actually seemed to work kind of well… -L

thanks for checking it out so quickly! I can’t figure out how we’d update the calendar but presumably it’s pretty straightforward (maybe only you have permission at present?)

Hi – I just posted the link of the calendar display – for the meetings calendar (which I since deleted), any item that we add to the meetings calendar would just show up there. I didn’t do any research on this one – there may be ways to enable others to add calendar items (that’s usually a closed action, which makes sense given the amount of spam that can be generated that way.)

That said, there are many calendar tools out there… The Google one just happens to already be embedded in our own calendars. If you’re interested in doing something like this, I can tell you how I got it here (literally, it was copying and pasting one URL.)

thanks - perhaps you can show me next time we meet?

Yup - definitely can do that. should take about 5 min :smiley: