ORCID's identifier range expanded!

ORCID has grown, and we have expanded our identifier range!

Since we launched the ORCID registry in 2013, ORCID and ISNI have coordinated efforts where we overlap in the research and scholarship communities. As you may be aware, ORCID and ISNI are both organizations that address different aspects of unambiguously identifying people and parties. We are completely separate organizations, with distinct backgrounds, contexts.

ORCID identifiers utilize a format compliant with the ISNI ISO standard, and to ensure there will be no overlaps in assignments, ISNI reserved an initial block of identifiers for use by ORCID when we launched the ORCID registry in 2013. The first range of identifiers was defined between 0000-0001-5000-0007 and 0000-0003-5000-0001.

Fast forward to 2023: The ORCID registry has grown, now with over 16 million records, which means we require a new block of identifiers! This new range reserved for ORCID by ISNI is defined between 0009-0000-0000-0000 and 0009-0010-0000-0000.To read more, visit our knowledge base article.