Consortium document repository ideas


Hi everyone,

I just recently started as the ORCID US Community Specialist for US consortium members in the United States

I’m in the process of getting organized and planning for the US listserv, website, etc. I have a question about what other consortia leads are doing for their consortium document repository? Are you just hosting consortia-specific documents on your website, or are you using a service like Figshare, Google Drive, or something else? Any advice will be much appreciated.

Thanks, and I look forward to working with everyone!



Hi Shelia,

Welcome to the Consortia team! In Australia we have a couple of resource pages setup on our website for our members that have been useful.

If you find any of the resources useful feel free to share or re-purpose :slight_smile: (


PS. the ORCID Outreach Resources are also great to share


A warm welcome from Hong Kong, Sheila! We’ve also granted you access to the leads forum and newsletter forum.

The AU consortium is also doing a trial of hosting a consortium-specific subforum here on, akin to the subforum the Japanese societies have used to discuss forming a consortium. Perhaps this is something that the US consortium community may be interested in doing?



Thank you Elleina! I especially like what you have done with the ORCID planning guide - I am hoping to do something similar but branded for the US.



Thanks Alainna - I would be interested in exploring the possibility of using this space to create a members-only forum for US consortium members. Has the AU trial been successful so far?

I have set up a listserv as a dedicated knowledge space for ORCID in the US in general with the idea that both members and interested parties could join to communicate about ORCID and find out about webinars, etc., but it would be great to also have a members-only forum here. Please let me know what you think, and what I might need to do to set up a US consortium sub-forum.



@melroy may be able to share more on the success of the forum. It’s seen some use – perhaps possible to use more?

We’d be happy to set one up for the US consortium as well! I’ll follow up with you, @e.olson and @a.wynne directly to get the ball rolling. :smiley:



Hello Sheila

We started the Australian Consortium forum in the middle of 2017. I would say that so far the results are mixed. We have a number of members who have signed up, but we still don’t have enough participation from them. This year we are looking at ways to increase participation from existing members as well as get new members to join the forum. It is still a work in progress and I may have a better idea of whether it is successful by the end of this year.

My advice if the US consortium is thinking of a community forum is to find out champions who will promote it for you within the community and once the forum is launched ensure that every time you talk about ORCID, you promote the forum and get people to use it to start a conversation among their peers.




Awesome, thank you for the advice Melroy! (And thanks Alainna for getting this set up.) Since we are just getting started in the US I think we can make a good go of promoting usage. I will keep you posted!



Hello Sheila,
Jill in NZ here. We set up a sharespace on our webpage for our consortium, as well as a Google Group. We also send out a consortium newsletter every 6-8 weeks. Happy to send you some links to these, if they are of interest. I often get emails or phone calls after the newsletter goes out so I think this may be the most attention grabbing for people…
best, Jill


Hi Jill - thanks for letting me know, that sounds similar to what I am planning. If you do have links, that would be great, I am very interested to see what other consortia have done.



Hello Sheila,
Our Google Group.
Consortium sharespace.
Newsletters are at the bottom of this webpage.


Hi Jill - this is awesome, thank you for sharing! These resources are very helpful.