New blog: Five easy ways to get the most out of ORCID (for both researchers and organizations)

Hello! Our third and final blog post of the Five Years of the ORCID Trust Program is up!

In this final blog post, Five easy ways to get the most out of ORCID (for both researchers and organizations), we discuss the value of a well-populated ORCID record to the entire research ecosystem, and offer some simple tips for both researchers (to ensure they can get the most out of their records) and ORCID members (to help make ORCID more useful for their researchers and for their organization).

To catch you up, our first blog post in the series, Balancing Researcher Control and Data Quality, reacquainted users with our Trust Program to clarify our thinking about how ORCID balances the sometimes-competing priorities of researcher control and data quality, while adhering to our values of openness, trust and inclusivity. In our second blog post, Trust Markers: Interpreting the trustworthiness of an ORCID record, we introduced the concept of “trust markers” in an ORCID record and outlined how users of ORCID data can determine for themselves which kinds of data in an ORCID record they consider to be trust markers for their specific use case.

We hope this series is helpful to you and your researchers. Please reach out if you have any questions.