ORCID support for RINGGOLD organization IDs ending FAQ

ORCID support for RINGGOLD organization IDs ending

Starting 1 August 2023, ORCID will no longer receive updates to the RINGGOLD organization identifier database used by our Registry, nor will we be able to process or use RINGGOLD IDs created after that date.

The RINGGOLD organization list that is already used by the ORCID Registry will remain for the foreseeable future. However, as it will no longer be updated, the data will slowly become increasingly stale. As such we are taking a series of steps to:

  • encourage and assist our members to adopt ROR IDs for organizations and
  • transition our existing organization metadata towards ROR where possible.

Learn more about why we’re making this change, and what you can expect in the short- and long-term here: ORCID support for RINGGOLD organization IDs ending FAQ -

Hi Elan,

Many thanks for this update. I have raised a JIRA ticket with Elsevier to request that provision for ROR be made within the ORCID integration for Pure.

The ticket is public for all Pure customers with access to the support system. If this is of interest to any community members, please feel free to vote and/or watch the ticket and add any comments also. The link to the JIRA ticket is PURESUPPORT-97853

Best regards,


Hi Elan,
I submitted a suggestion to ROR for a policy change. Currently, all schools and colleges under larger universities have only one ID and it would be useful to be able to derive more detailed data from ORCID.
Ringgold, for example, has a separate ID for each law school.

Thanks & all the best,