Revamped CSP Program now live!

Service providers that have pre-built ORCID functionality in their products and services enable ORCID member organizations to gain value from their membership in the quickest, simplest way: by providing a means to easily integrate ORCID into their local workflows and systems and provide a more consistent user experience for researchers when they encounter ORCID.

We are excited to announce that today we officially launched our upgraded Certified Service Provider (CSP) program! Certification is a free-of-charge service offered by ORCID for any Service Provider integration that meets the revised certification criteria, based on feedback from vendors and the ORCID community on industry best practices, for the most important workflows used by various scholarly service provider systems integrating with ORCID. Read more about how to get certified, or find an existing ORCID CSP to meet your needs, and learn about the value of ORCID to Scholarly Vendors and Service Providers.