Virtual Panel — ORCID at 10: 10 years of ORCID in the PID infrastructure

Join us as we celebrate ORCID at 10!

To fulfill the promise of a robust, inclusive web of scholarly communications, two things are critical: a unique, persistent-identifier (PID) system for digital items, such as published works, and another such system for the people creating those works. With that twin PID foundation in place, discoverability and credit attribution would improve dramatically, opening new channels for collaboration and for tracking and assessing the impact of research across the globe.

This has been the vision of ORCID from the beginning!

In this webinar, we’ll reflect on ORCID’s first decade: how iD was created, how our use cases have evolved over time, and the challenges we faced (and overcame!) We’ll also share some of our biggest surprises and lessons learned as PID infrastructure has evolved to continue generating trust in research. Finally, we’ll look ahead at what the future may hold for ORCID, PID infrastructure, and the entire research ecosystem.

To celebrate 10 years of ORCID, 10 lucky registrants will win an ORCID 10th Anniversary swag bundle! To enter the giveaway, opt-in at registration.*

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Featured Panelists
Laure Haak, Research Scholar, Ronin Institute and Founder, Mighty Red Barn
Véronique Kiermer, Chief Scientific Officer, PLOS
Linda O’Brien, ORCID Board Chair and Adjunct Professor and Executive in Residence, Griffith Business School – Department of Business Strategy and Innovation
Howard Ratner, Executive Director, CHORUS
Julie Petro, Director of Communications, ORCID
Chris Shillum, Executive Director, ORCID
Will Simpson, Director of Tech, ORCID