Webinar: I'm a Member, Now What?! — How to talk about ORCID

The eighth session in our I’m a Member, Now What?! webinar series is all about how to talk about ORCID.

As an ORCID member, maybe you’ve already launched your ORCID integration and are wondering how you can get your researchers to use ORCID more. Or maybe you’re currently developing your integration. Or maybe you’re still in the earliest stages and wonder how you can garner more support from your colleagues to plan an integration.

It is never too early — or too late — to start talking about ORCID to your researchers and colleagues. In fact, how well and how often you talk about ORCID’s value can influence the success of your own integration, and the level of satisfaction your researchers have using it.

This session focuses on how to communicate about ORCID to increase researcher adoption within your organization, and how to communicate about ORCID with your colleagues to garner support for implementing your systems with ORCID’s Registry. We will provide communication resources, tips, and tools that can help lead to successful ORCID adoption throughout your organization.

Live Session: 28 September @ 10:00 A.M. UTC-4 (see your time zone)

Time will be reserved for questions at the end of the presentation. Even if you are unable to attend, we encourage you to register to receive the recording, presentation, and handouts after the webinar concludes.

This session will be recorded and available for on demand viewing on our Vimeo channel

More about the series: I’m a Member, Now What?! is a member-focused webinar series that aims to help ORCID members, both new and longstanding, get the most out of membership. Topics covered in this series include: Help & Support, Member Portal, Integrating, Custom Integrations, Benefits, Workflows, Affiliations, and Communication. View previous sessions here.

The recording of this session is now available On-Demand, along with the session materials. We invite you to check it out, and catch up on the previous session in this series.