ORCID event for a college

Hi All,

We ran an ORCID clinic for our Engineering College last week. We were invited to advertise in the faculty meeting and then opened registration for a catered demo and help time. Despite the offer of lunch, we did not get good numbers registered, with 8 total, and only three actually attending.

I prepared a handout that I would love to have input on. Email me and I will send the document to you.

My thoughts are

  1. Though we worked with the Associate Dean of Research for the college, it was still billed as a library event. Though a library event is not a bad thing, we really wanted it to be seen as a college event. I am not sure what the impact that perception would have had on attendance.
  2. COVID, because COVID. People do not want to come to an in-person event yet.
  3. We still have much work to do to get the uptake of ORCID at our institution. Perhaps the changes to the biosketch will help us…