ORCID Fields and ORCID as a universal CV

ORCID has 7 default fields: Biography, Employment, Education, Invited positions, Membership, Funding, and Works.
How are these fields defined?
ORCID could be great as a universal academic CV but in my opinion an important information is missing: HHRR formation
Is it possible to add a field?

I’ve never heard the term “HHRR” before, but now that I go searching for a definition online, I find that it’s mentioned at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Current_research_information_system as well. Could you explain for me (and maybe others) what this means?

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I would love this explained as well – thank you!

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Hi, HHRR stands for “human resources”. I suggest a field that would include what the person teaches and if she/he has tutored o mentored graduate students and posdocs.

What davidg suggests sounds great! I know Digital Measures has that option, so maybe ORCID can emulate it?

In my opinion, it would also be helpful to separate works into published works and conference presentations.