Book workflow working group: Meetings (please subscribe)

Hello all,

Let us use this thread to discuss upcoming meetings of the working group as well as any related follow-up issues. Please subscribe to it so you will continue to receive updates.

Our next meeting shall is TBD.

We will continue to update the post with notes from meetings as they occur. Please also use it to propose agenda topics for upcoming meetings.

Let us know your proposed agenda for the 6 September meeting.

Some items for consideration:

  • What changes may need to be made by ORCID so it can fit better into books workflow?
  • What type of output should the group create ?
  • Engaging books authors (and difference between journal manuscript experience)

Hi Alainna,

I’d also be interested in talking about methods for engaging books authors and how this might be different to journals.


Thanks Emily – added to the above.

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The topic has been updated to include the notes from the 17 Nov meeting.

Part of this was potential questions and contacts for the consultant to include in either the brief or to share with them post engagement.

It would be great if you could share your questions and thoughts on whom the consultant should contact in the Google Doc.

Please also share your comments on the brief for the consultant in this Google doc - thanks!

We’ve now circulated the brief to the proposed consultants – thank you all!